Saturday, July 24, 2010

What? Already? Yep, it's Kiara 15!

Nickname: "Margaret"
Now available for download!
Apparently, two days after 3.6.7, Firefox released version 3.6.8, and so, in keeping with my "follow Firefox" policy, two days after releasing Kiara 14, I am releasing releasing Kiara 15.
The only changes are the new browser, and, hopefully, less ugly splash screens.

I've been waiting for someone to guess how the releases are named, but it's pretty clear I'd be waiting forever, so now I shall reveal it. Kiara releases are named after characters from the best TV show iof all time, "Twin Peaks". Margaret was the name of the character most commonly referred to as "The Log Lady".

Neatly underplayed by stage actress and David Lynch associate Catherine E. Coulson, the Log Lady was everybody's favorite. She was occasionally injected into the plot as a kind of crackbrained soothsayer. (For the uninitiated, the log she carried everywhere "contained many spirits" and often spoke to her.) Mostly, she was written into a scene whenever a bit of weird-ass local color was called for.

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