Wednesday, September 8, 2010

IT IS HAPPENING AGAIN! Kiara 1.16 "Giant"

With the latest release, there are three changes.

1. There's a new stable version of Firefox, version 3.6.9. Kiara tries to always be current with the latest stable firefox release.

2. There's a new system of numbering Kiara releases. What would have been Kiara 16 is now 1.16. this is in anticipation of a possible change. Future versions of Kiara may be based on something other than Slax 6.1.2.

3. Instead of hosting the latest Kiara download from mediafire, I'm going to try using the public folder in my dropbox folder. This would solve a lot of problems for me, so I'm going to be looking to make this switch permanent. If the download experience is bad for you PLEASE let me know.