Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Kiara 06 This is the one you want!

KDE3.5.10, a turbocharged fluxbox, some awesome setup tools... and free! As in Freedom. As in Beer. As in KDE4 is very nice, but strictly voluntary. As in MicroWHO?


  1. Hey, you might be interested in the development I've done on KDE3.5 since 3.5.10...I'm looking at setting up a new SVN branch on kde.org for it soon, but for now some of the main patches are available here:

    Bugfixes, Compiz integration enhancements, ICC color profile support, and much more!

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  3. Whoa! You just blew my mind! Glad to know you're still on the case, Mad Scientist; you're a bona fide culture hero. Congratulations on keeping KDE3 alive singlehandedly!

    For Kiara, I have taken my inspiration from the punk rockers, who took what they had and did what they could. As a programmer, I am the equivalent of the guy who knows three chords, and just barely. All of my KDE3 is directly ported from Slackware 12.2.tgz packages to Slax.lzm packages. I wouldn't know how to use an SVN branch, but clearly, if it can be done, it's my duty to learn and grow, just as the Clash became more musically sophisticated as time went by, and the Ramones got faster and tighter.